Artist Statement

I'm on a quest to spark a visual and aural dialog with the observer, and to transfer the pleasure I had (in creating the work) to them. I aim to capture the uniqueness, likeness, essence and beauty of my subjects, while exploring the themes of love, freedom, responsibility and growth. My work starts from inspiration and is crafted through improvisation and experimentation. I utilize repetition with slight variation as a vehicle to grab the observer’s attention and provide them with enjoyment.

Tayo Joyce, an eclectic visual artist, grew up in the Los Angeles area for most of her life and currently resides there. She has a unique blend of art that combines neo-cubism, pop art, impressionism and fauvism. Outside of being an visual artist, she sings, writes, composes music, fixes and writes software, designs (graphics, interiors & exteriors), and participates in triathlons.

Tayo Joyce became fascinated with colors and color theory at the age of five, and found joy in drawing when she was exposed to Anime and Manga two years later. Her art loving teachers exposed her to the great artists from the Renaissance period up to Post Impressionism and arranged visits to Los Angeles museums, as well as set weekly drawing times where she could further hone her craft in portrait, composition and color work. She picked up painting while in college, and learned how to paint formally from Mark Leysen at Santa Ana College. While studying at Otis College of Design & Art, Daniel Hyun Lim showed Tayo Joyce how to formulate stories in her artwork. She then learned how to paint in the impressionist and fauvist style while taking lessons by Denis GĂ©rablie at Galerie Babel, in Paris, France.

Inspired by an idea, as well as the beauty in people, animals and of her surroundings, Tayo Joyce gets lost in her paintings and all notion of time vanishes. It has been the medium in which she conveys her admiration, ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

Born in Washington state, she picked up a melancholy and pensive temperament like the weather in Seattle. Later on, her family moved to the diverse and beautiful Los Angeles area when she was seven. In this inclusive and accepting environment, Tayo Joyce was exposed to the work of many great artists and was encouraged to draw and express herself in the visual arts by her teachers. Since then, she has continued to grow and learn more about visual art through exploration, classes and lessons.

Tayo Joyce enjoys painting with others. She’s had the opportunity to paint alongside Kate Choi and Cyndy Hyun at NNoX Art Studio in Brea, California, as well as other artists while living abroad. While working independently, she thoughtfully captures her subjects and is constantly experimenting with different styles and techniques.

The Commision Process