The Making of "Repetition and Variation of Trees"

Prior to starting work on the commission, I meet with the client to get an idea of what they want, and obtain picture references. (In this case, I was given a picture of a Japanese maple.) And the desired location of the piece.

Based on that information, I capture the colors of the space that the painting will be located in, and discuss the color palette with the client.

Then, I create studies (which are smaller and rougher versions of the work) for the client to review.

And, depending on their comments, I make additional studies. 

And more...

And more, until we are both happy.

Once a design and layout is determined, I block in the general colors and shapes on the main support (in this case, a cotton canvas).

Then, I send the client periodic updates of my progress and also check with them to see if I am heading in the right direction.
(With landscapes, I work from the background to the foreground.)

And I continue to send updates and make adjustments.

Once I am close to finishing, I take a step back and assess what's working in the piece, and what's not working, and make improvements.

I keep making changes until the client and I are satisfied with the result.

Then, I hung the artwork at the client's location.